WORX WO7010 Cordless Air Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner Combo Gutter Kit with 32-volt Lithium Battery

It is an ultra-fast cleaning system because you do not need to move a single thing! Using a broom, moving objects is necessary in order to sweep around or under them. With the WORX AIR, the blower can blow debris from around or under objects. No need to move the car to clear the garage, and no need to move the patio furniture. The WORX AIR can blow debris from under objects in the garage and patio without stopping to move the garage tools or patio furniture making sweeping even faster. Remember, keeping a clean zone around the exterior of the home can keep interior floors much cleaner. Maintaining a clean garage, workshop, and exterior home will reduce overall interior cleaning time. The WORX AIR multi-purpose blower, cleaner and clearer means less work and more time doing the things you want to do.

85 percent of the dirt in your home is tracked, blown, or carried in from entry points like your garage, deck, porch, or workshop. The WORX AIR is a multi-purpose blower with eight convenient attachments to create a clean zone around the entry points to your home. With the WORX AIR, clean-up is easier and faster when you don’t have to move a single thing. The 32-volt MAX Lithium battery gives you cordless clean up without any smelly exhaust or tangled cords.

The WORX AIR comes with nine attachments plus the Gutter Clearing kit to help clean, clear, sweep, dust, inflate, deflate, and even dry all sorts of things in and around your home, auto, boat, or RV. Create that clean zone anywhere with an array of WORX AIR nozzles and attachments. (1.) Long Tube (2.) Dust Brush (3.) Short Tube (4.) Extension Hose (5.) Dust (6.) Detail Brush (7.) Wand or Wide Nozzle (8.) Inflator Nozzle (9.) Deflator Cover (10.) Gutter Clearing Kit.

The WORX AIR gutter cleaning kit is the safer, ladder-free solution to maintaining clean gutters while standing on the ground. Simply twist the tubes together to the desired length on the WORX AIR blower; place the hook tube on the end; and blow out debris from your gutters. Now you can stand on the ground while blowing out the debris in the gutters without needing a ladder! The gutter kit has up to an 11-foot reach. The 120 mph air speed and tube design produces air flow capable of clearing dry leaves and pine needles from gutters and roof ledges. It is recommended that debris be dry for best results. Instead of once a year dragging out the ladder and broom to clean messy, clogged gutters, use the WORX AIR gutter cleaning attachment kit to maintain clean gutters year around easily and safely while standing on the ground.

• Ultra lightweight and compact to fit and go anywhere around the home, car, RV, or boat
• Cordless convenience with the powerful 32-volt MAX lithium battery
• Includes 9 attachments to blow and sweep away debris around the home
• Plus a gutter cleaning extension kit for clearing debris from gutters
• 120 mph air speed with 80 cfm air flow
• Use to clean, clear, sweep, brush, inflate, deflate, dry, and create a clean zone

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WORX WO7010 Cordless Air Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner Combo Gutter Kit with 32-volt Lithium Battery


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