WORX WG268 40-volt Lithium Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Experience the power and freedom of cordless hedge trimming. The WORX WG268 40-volt MAX lithium battery powered hedge trimmer provides gas-like power, run-time, and performance with less weight, no gas, and zero emissions. With the 3/4-inch cutting capacity and 22-inch cutting length, this WG268 WORX hedge trimmer is loaded with all the power you need for trimming and hedging whatever is in your path. Not only is this hedge trimmer lighter weight than a gas powered hedge trimmer at less than 10-lbs, it also has full-wrap front handle for comfortable cutting in any working position. The 22-inch laser cut blades will ensure optimum cutting results. The WORX MAX lithium battery technology means long life, no self-discharge, lightweight, and no memory effect. The battery can be charged at any time and will remain charged without losing power until ready for use.

40-Volt MAX Lithium Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Get professional looking results when you prune and hedge your hedges and shrubs with the WG268 40-volt cordless hedge trimmer. The unit’s 40-volt cordless lithium-power battery provides gas-like power, run-time, and performance with less weight and zero emissions. With the 22-inch cutting length and 3/4-inch cutting diameter, this 40-volt hedge trimmer and pruner is loaded with the power and ease of operation to create professional-looking hedges and shrubs anytime.

Efficient Battery Power

The WG268 is powered by a lightweight and efficient 40-volt 2.0 Ah rechargeable LithiumMAX battery, which delivers plenty of power without the added cost of gas, hassle of tangled extension cords, or smelly emissions associated with gas-powered alternatives. Not only are Worx LithiumMAX battery packs extremely lightweight, they provide three times the usable life of standard Ni-CD batteries. With no memory effect, it means the battery can charge anytime and have power until ready to use.

Gas-Like Design with Maximum Comfort

The WG268 40-volt cordless hedge trimmer and pruner has the look and feel of a gas hedger but is much lighter and easier to maneuver. At only 9.3 pounds, the WG268 is easier to transport without the hassle of carrying the gas can, tangled cords, or smelly emissions. With the full wrap front handle for easy side cuts and soft grip rear handle, hedging and pruning is less exhausting and easier than ever. The 22-inch laser cut blades and 3/4-inch cutting diameter means sharper and more precise cuts to achieve that professional hedged look.

What’s in the Box

WG268 cordless hedge trimmer/shrubber, rechargeable lithium battery, and charger
Cordless trimmer and pruner for hedges and shrubs
40-volt rechargeable lithium battery provides gas-like performance and extended run time
Full wrap front handle for easy side cuts
Laser-cut blades ensures optimum cutting results
Cutting capacity up to 3/4 inches
Ergonomic handle design for comfortable cutting in any working position
Blade tip protector
Soft grip rear handle
Lightweight at only 9.3 pounds

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