Walking Sprinkler – Cast Iron

Walking Sprinkler – Cast Iron

Since 1938, these rugged sprinklers have been built to last. The Walking Sprinkler creeps along on cast iron wheels, using the hose as its track. The Walking Sprinkler can be set at high speed (40 ft/hr, putting down about 1/2″ of water); low speed (20 ft/hr, putting down about 7/8″ of water) or be used as a stationary sprinkler. The adjustable sprinkler arms provide water spray coverage from 4 feet up to 50 feet wide over the entire length of the hose. To use, lay your hose through the middle of the area needing water, gentle curves around bushes, trees and corners. A 5/8″ hose is best as 1/2″ hose may be to small to guide the sprinkler around some corners. The heavy duty model weighs in at 30 pounds and has the strength to pull standard 5/8″ diameter garden hose with overall hose lengths of 250 to 300 feet. Made in the USA! The Cast Iron Walking Sprinkler is not designed for agricultural use; it is only intended for use on ESTABLISHED TURF GRASS only.

• Cast Iron Walking Sprinkler, very heavy, very solid
• Weighs 30 lbs.
• Adjustable speed and width of spray
• Place sprinkler on 5/8″ hose and travels the length of hose
• Rittenhouse is made in Canada.


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Walking Sprinkler – Cast Iron


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