Thermal Strike Expedition – Bed Bug Heat Treatment

ThermalStrike Expedition – Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Thermal Strike Expedition Bed Bugs are reaching a pandemic level across the US. They move from room to room or from building to building by attaching themselves and their eggs to things like clothing, travel products and suitcases. Once bed bugs are transported to a new location, such as a home, it is very difficult and expensive to remove them. To avoid a bed bug infestation of a home, it is important to destroy the bed bugs and eggs. Low levels of heat are 100% effective at destroying bugs and eggs. ThermalStrike can be used to treat a variety of items such as carry-on luggage, backpacks, purses, jackets, etc.

This system Thermal Strike Expedition  is designed to accommodate most large 29 inch pieces of luggage. It is also perfect for treating blankets and comforters. Items should be placed in the included bags and sealed before being placed inside the ThermalStrike heat box. This ensures that nothing will escape during treatment.

Thermal Strike Expedition Product Information:

Heat has been used for decades to prevent and treat infestations. Bed bugs have a thermal death point of 45 °C. Our systems surrounds the contents with wall temperature between 48 – 58°C creating a thermal enviroment that is leathal to bed bugs.

Thermal Strike Technology:

Our patent pending heating system is different from anything on the market.The system uses a ultra-thin heating system which uniformly delivers heat across the outside surfaces of the container.

Thermal Strike Expedition Advantages:

Heat is evenly delivered around the permeter and floor of the box allowing it to safely operate at more uniform temperatures.Contents can be loaded right to the edge which simplifies loading Ultra-thin system means it takes up less space than systems which pass air around.

How long does it take?

This is a common question and unfortunately, it’s like asking how long does it take to cook a turkey on Thanksgiving – it depends on the contents. Our systems are tested with fully packed suitcases as well as garbage bags full of clothes. Our recommended guidelines are a minimum of eight hours to provide enough time to ensure that heat has penetrated through the enclosure.Alternatively, an included remote thermometer may be used to monitor temperatures inside the contents. The system should remain powered after the remote thermometer reaches 120°F.

Key Features:
Protect your Home by Stopping Bed Bugs at the Door
Chemical-Free Alternative that Kills 100% of Bed Bugs and Eggs
Dual Safety Circuits to Protect Your Home, Suitcase, and Garments
Reusable and Collapsible for Easy Storage
Treatment Time Generally 8 Hours or Less
Treats clothing, handbags, luggage, shoes, books papers and much more
Usable Space: (31 x 17 x 21 inches)
Includes Bonus Wired Thermometer to Monitor Temperatures and Reduce Treatment Time


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ThermalStrike Expedition – Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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