Suntactics sCharger-14 Portable Solar Charger, High power, Waterproof

Suntactics sCharger-14 Portable Solar Charger, High power, Waterproof, Dual Port, Durable, Auto-Retry, 2800 mA for iPad, iPhone, Samsung and Other Devices

One of our NEW favorite preps. We all have survival and prepper apps and ebooks on our phones and digital devices. That is all well and good, but what happens once the grid goes down? You fear to turn your device on for fear of draining the battery. Not anymore! These portable USB solar chargers have been hand tested and approved by the DoomsdayPrep QA team and we absolutely love these things! The sCharger-14 is the ULTIMATE portable USB charger that can charge any typical phone device (iphone, samsungs, etc.). all the way up to tablets! It can charge an iPad in as little as 3 hours! Ultra-lightweight you wont even notice it in your pack.The sCharger-14 is an extreme use, premium solar charger. Solar charge iPad, iPhone, Samsung tablets and phones, USB cameras, GPS, eReaders, Bluetooth, USB storage batteries and many other USB devices.
-What Makes the Difference
The sCharger-14 can solar charge your device from the sun directly. It uses no extra battery to do it. The sCharger-14 also offers Auto-Retry to reduce charge interruptions. No other solar charger offers this feature. The sCharger-14 is the most powerful solar charger in its class. It can deliver a true 2.8 amps output power, the power you need.Suntactics takes very high measures on quality with superior American workmanship. The best components are used to ensure ruggedness and long life. We use the highest efficiency, Grade A, solar cells. Suntactics sChargers are fabricated much like industrial grade solar panels.
Buy American. Overseas solar chargers over claim output power. Suntactics does not. What is stated is what you get. 2800mA (2.8Amps)
Never worry about your device going dead. Be assured that you can always call for help. Charge USB storage batteries for backup power. A life saver for power outages. The sCharger-14 has enough power to keep more than one phone or tablet charged. Charge the whole family!
-A Must Have Item
Always have reliable power for your outdoor adventures and power outages. Keep it in a bug out bag or in your emergency kit. The sCharger-14 is a super versatile solar charger because it can charge so many devices.
• sCharger-14 is the ultimate tablet solar charger, the only portable solar charger of its kind and can run and charge two devices at the same time.
• Charge TWO devices at the same time
• Fully charges iPad in as little as 3 hours
• Durable, Waterproof, and Shockproof
• 100% Money Back Guarantee
• Grade-A mono-crystalline solar cells (Note: solar cell shape may vary)
• Independent dual output, Standard USB “A” connectors
• USB output power: 5V,(2800mA), 14 Watts
• Size: 11.6 x 7.1 closed, 11.6 x 14.5 open
• Weight: 1lb 4.1oz (570g)
• Indicators LED
• DuPont Flex Circuitry
• Handles temps up to 160F
• Water proof to 40 feet
• Solar cell efficiency: 19%

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Suntactics sCharger-14 Portable Solar Charger, High power, Waterproof, Dual Port, Durable, Auto-Retry, 2800 mA for iPad, iPhone, Samsung and Other Devices


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