Roleadro COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plant Veg&Bloom(400w)

Little tips for spectrum and plants grow:
280nm-315nm: Minimal influence on morphological and physiological processes.
315nm-400nm(violet): Less chlorophyll absorption, prevent stem elongation.
400nm-520nm(Blue): Chlorophyll and carotenoid absorption maximum, have the largest effect on photosynthesis. Help plants generating stems and leaves.
520nm-610nm(Green): Low pigment absorption rate, but great for special plants, cannabis.
610nm-730nm(Red): Low absorption of chlorophyll, significantly affect photosynthesis and photoperiod. Help plants flowering and fruiting.
720nm-1000nm: Promote stem elongation and germination.

400w COB LED grow light spectrum:
28pcs 660 , 16pcs 640, 8pcs 440 , 4pcs 460 , 4pcs 470 , 2pcs 525, 2pcs 730
Red and blue LED, best for plants photosynthesis. Indoor & greenhouse plants absorb lights to have photosynthesis which transfer CO2 & water to glucose and release O2, so that plants get necessary nutrients to grow. Plants use inorganic generate organic matter and stored energy by photosynthesis. Green LED has a great function on cannabis, providing nutrients.

Size: 11.4*6.9*3.3 inch
Chip quantities: 2pcs 64*3w
Chip size: red:blue: 42mil-45mil
Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC (CSA standard COB led grow light can be customized)
View Angle of reflector: 90 degree patent reflector cup
Input voltage: AC85~265V
Current: 600ma
Working frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Working temperature: -4 – 122 ℉
Lifespan: 50000 hours
Material: Iron
Package included: 1 Galaxyhydro COB led grow light, 1 power cord, 1 stainless steel hanging kit.

· Integrated COB(chip on board) brand new 3w Epileds chips, 90 degree reflective cup, best light proportion, perfect solution of heat dissipation, apply to flowering and fruiting stages. COB led grow lights improving color uniformity and luminous efficiency, providing better absorption of lights than normal led grow lights, so that output and growth speed of plants are radically improved.
· Patented unique design of reflective cup for higher light-gathering effect. High PAR value and Lux value than normal led grow light, reducing light and Par value loss and providing better growing environment for plants. Help fast growing of plants and improvement on output, optimize the investment return of commercial plant growing.
· Sunflower radiator heat dissipation system will make the temperature at the bottom of the chips is lower than 118.4 ℉. UL approved fans for light heat dissipation, no any noticeable heat generated when using 18hrs consecutively, what’s more, low-noise fans, run quietly, won’t influence your daily life.
· Suitable for plants flowering and fruiting. A light can be used for plants from flowering to fruiting, money saving.
· CSA credential approved, custom CSA COB grow light for commercial cultivation.


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