Poulan Pro PB155G42 6-Speed Lawn Tractor, 42-Inch

Poulan Pro PB155G42 6-Speed Lawn Tractor, 42-Inch

This Poulan Pro PB155g42 includes a 42-inch cutting deck making it big enough to handle massive properties yet small enough to make for storage with ease. Also, there is an 18-inch turning radius that lets this lawn mower to maneuver around many trees and obstacles.
Featuring a 6-speed gear drive transission as well as a manual clutch, this machine really puts the control in the hands of the operator. This model is built to last and created with features that you will love. It is also desgined for those that aim for built and quality. The seat is especially created to be 9 inches with box steel on the front axle as well as an 18 inches turning radius. In fact, this way you sit comfortably and enjoy the ride when you go about and cut the grass. Is it great?
In particular, this Poulan Pro PB155G42 mower is not going to be breaking land-speed records, but it can get the job done in an effective and fast manner. The only drawback to this model in my point of view is the 1.5 gallon fuel tank. Therefore, if you own a big property you may have to re-fuel before completing a full cut. Indeed, I would like to recommend this Best Poulan Pro PB155G42 lawn mower to all of you.
This is a great product and there is no reason to deny it. Quicky bring it to your own home.

• A manual clutch convenient as you drive this machine
• A weight of 500 pounds and handy enough for a tractor lawn
• A 20 inches Turf Saver rear tires for smooth turning

  • 15.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine
  • 42-Inch Cutting Width
  • 6 speed lever driven gear transmission
  • 6 position deck height adjustment
  • Turf Saver 15 x 6 – 6 inch front tires and 20 x 8 – 8 inch rear tires

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Poulan Pro PB155G42 6-Speed Lawn Tractor, 42-Inch
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