Picnic Table Kit, Sand 2X4basics 90182

2X4basics 90182 Picnic Table Kit, Sand [Frames Only]

2X4Basics 90182 Picnic Table Kit might just be the table kit that you were looking for and could not find it. You can own a very sturdy table kit and all you have to do to accomplish that is to add your own 2×4-Feet of lumber to make the picnic table and 2 benches up to 8 feet long. It is very simple to assembly and you only need a powered screwdriver, a wrench and a saw to complete this do-it-yourself job and create the perfect picnic table for you and your family. The great thing about this table kit is that you can paint, stain or finish the wood to fit your own style and application or, if you want to, you can even use treated lumber.
The kit’s frame is made out of maintenance-free structural resin, also called polyresin. By using this frame to create a fully-sized picnic table by adding your preferred type of wood to it, you will have a very durable and stable table that can be used for many activities outdoors and even indoors. You also need to know that the sanded color resin frame has UV inhibitors.
By buying and assembling 2X4 Basics 90182 Picnic Table Kit , you will create a nice picnic table for you and your entire family, even if you have more than 1 child. This table set has a max number of 6 seats. You can have a great time in your backyard with your loved ones and everyone will sit comfortably on the benches.
Because of the high quality material that was used to create the frame, 2X4 Basics 90182 Picnic Table Kit is a very steady set. If it is used for normal activities, you will not have a stability problem and nothing will bend or break.
The verdict is that if you are looking for a sand polyresin picnic table and want to add your own style to it, you should definitely go for 2X4 Basics 90182 Picnic Table Kit because you will not be disappointed. After you buy it, the assembly process is very simple and all you need to get it done right is a powered screwdriver, a saw and a wrench. The great thing about this table kit is that you can choose your own finished product’s look and you can also create rounded corners if that is how you want the tabletop to be. By combining the 2x4basics picnic table kit with some stylish chairs or benches to create a fully personalized picnic table and bench set.

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2X4basics 90182 Picnic Table Kit, Sand [Frames Only]


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