Outdoor LED 16″ Round Ball with Remote Control

Outdoor LED 16″ Round Ball with Remote Control

Measured at 16x20x24 inches round the Round Ball is suited especially for your commercial or residential pool. It is safe in water and also rechargeable for your convenience. Change the colors of the LED lights as often a you would like with the special remote. Guests will appreciate the innovative spin the classic pool light.

Available in three different sizes, these round ball LED lights are a unique way to light an outdoor or indoor pool right at the water’s surface. Ideal for outdoor swimming areas after the sun goes down, these floating lights cast a gently glow that interacts beautifully with the rippling water for a peaceful and illuminated ambiance, all through the night. Operable by remote control for convenient and easy care, these LED balls include a rechargeable feature, and once they are charged, they can provide a beautiful and safe light source to any swimming pool or hot tub.

Perfect for home swimming pools, these floating light make an enchanting addition to pool parties and night time swims. For hotels and other hospitality environments, these round ball LEDs provide a modern and stylish way for guests to enjoy the swimming pool even after dusk. The three different sized lights available make it easy to provide lovely lighting for any type of swimming pool and any design scheme. These decorative lights bob at the water’s surface, providing a gentle glow who anyone who loves to swim under the stars.
Are you trying to light up an event in an unconventional way? The use of the LED light is a perfect solution. Hang lights all over your outdoor space and switch on the lights as well as the furniture for a shocking and lasting impression. Invite your guests to marvel at your new take on pool lighting. They will respect your innovative decor and probably want to play with it while they are enjoying the pool. LED lights are as great in the home setting as they are in the hotel, night club, and restaurant setting. Enjoy the wide selection of systems and colors to choose from.

This tapered designed Patio & poolside looks sophisticated with this Setting Furniture. The Patio Designer exacts a bit of meaning into the Setting area with basic Patio Furniture. This light adds effort to the look of the Setting Design with its inspirational accolades. The Round Ball is a magnifying light that brightens the area of the Setting and brings a relaxed like feel to any Patio & poolside area.

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Outdoor LED 16″ Round Ball with Remote Control

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