Oasis Concepts Stainless SteelWood The Deluxe Flip and Fold Island, Natural

Oasis Concepts Stainless Steel/Wood The Deluxe Flip and Fold Island, Natural

Expand your kitchen counter and storage space in an instant. the deluxe flip and fold island by oasis concepts has an elegant butcher block top design made of solid wood parquet. this folding island has a rectangular butcher-block top that provides an impressive 4 square foot of prep area. together with the two large shelves, you get a total of 10.4 square foot of work surface or convenient storage space. two hardwood shelves make room for cookbooks, pots and pans or small kitchen appliances. the patented precision-hinge folding mechanism makes the cart easy to open and fold. when you no longer need the cart, it folds to 4-3/4-inch, making it easy to store out of sight. you can’t do that with permanent counters or islands. the top and shelves are made of hardwood and the frame is made of stainless steel. it comes fully assembled in natural finish.

• Wood
• Fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box
• Patented precision hinge folding mechanism opens and closes in seconds
• The desk folds to only 4-3/4-inch wide for easy storage
• 10.43-Square feet table top for a large working surface
• Stainless steel frame with hardwood parquet butcher block design island top


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Oasis Concepts Stainless Steel/Wood The Deluxe Flip and Fold Island, Natural


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