Lvjing® NEW 1200W Led Plant Grow Light Panel with UV/IR Lamp, 1200pcs 5730SMD, Full Spectrum, for Indoor Garden Greenhouse Plants Hydroponic System Kit, AC85~265V

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Item type: grow lights
Size: 450mm(L)*300mm(W)*55mm(H)
Product weight: 4500g
Power: 1200W
Number of LED:1200
Feature: high power
Body material: Aluminum (heat dissipation)
Rated Hours: 50,000
Wavelength : full spectrum
Beam angle: 160 degree
Body temperature: less than 60°C
Worldwide Voltage: AC : 85~265V
Warranty: 1 Year All Inclusive
Certification: CCC,CE,FCC,RoHS
Lighting area: 2~5 square meters
Application: indoor garden, pot plants, garden, seeding, breeding, farmland, spray plant, greenhouse plants, pipeline cultivation, flowering, etc.

How dose the specific wavelength work:
* Blue(wavelength: 400nm ~ 520nm): Help plants grow
* Red(wavelength: 610nm ~ 720nm): Help plants sprout and flowering , and is the key for flowering plants
* IR(wavelength: 730nm): IR can help plants grow; UV(wavelength: 380nm): UV can help plants grow and kill insects. But they are very harmful to human beings, so we kindly suggest you do not use IR or UV in your grow lights, but we can add 1 or 2 pieces if you really need it in a specific situation .
* Best lighting time: 8-12hrs

Package include:
1* 1200W led grow light with standard US plug

We can customize LED grow light for you based upon your request.

· LVJING new designed high power 1200W grow light panel, with a standard US plug and a Stainless Steel hanging kit; On/Off switch on the back of the light, more convenient to use; daisy-chain connection available
· Full spectrum, 1200LED – 986pcs red light/ 136pcs blue light/ 32pcs warm white/ 32pcs white light/ 8pcs UV/ 8pcs IR; AC 85~265V;
· Wavelength band range: blue light (430~440nm, 450~460nm)/ red light (610~615nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm)/ UV (380~400nm)/ IR (730nm);
· Aluminum shell, Size: 17.7 x 11.8 x 2.17 inches; 6pcs built-in quiet cooling fan with Aluminum alloy heat sink panel, good for heat dissipation; can light up to 2~5 square meters
· Add light to plants, stipulate their photosynthesis; help plants absorb nutrients, especially some trace elements; shorten the growth cycle; prevent the rampant growth of plants.

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