LED Grow Light for Plants Full Spectrum Growing Lamp LED Grow Light for Marijuana 12 Band Dimmable COB BloomBeast C525 525w Hydroponic Greenhouse LED Grow Light for Seedling/Veg/Flower/Bloom

BloomBeast LED Grow Light veg and flower has 12 band spectrum that gives your plants the most nutritional value including those needed from UV and IR. BloomBeast light recipe can speed up the flowering cycle and reduces your grow time.
Why choose BloomBeast LED grow light for indoor plants?
1)Professional – We are a professional manufacturer with 20+ persons R&D team, ONLY for LED grow light since 2010.
2)Reliable – 90 days money back guarantee + 6 months replacement + 5 years warranty.
3)Good price – We are a Chinese manufacturer with 3000+ sq.m factory, buy directly from factory.
4)Responsible – Buy right, no buy cheap! BloomBeast will always protect the LED grow light market from junk products.
1)UV LED is much more expensive than other spectrum.
2)UV light solution is much more complex. If a light with UV LED, all materials need to be anti-UV, or UV rays will burn them out fast, within 1-2 months, specially the LED packing (Silicone VS PC), and optical lens (Special resin VS common resin).
UV 380nm – 420nm is very important to thicken stem, leaves, flowers and helps to form anthocyanin.
How to use Bloombeast C series C525 C850 LED grow light for marijuana?
1.Seedling cycle: Turn on Seedling knobs
2.Vegetation cycle: Turn on Seedling & Vegetation knobs
3.Bloom cycle: Turn on Seedling & Vegetation & Bloom knobs
Buy a BloomBeast LED grow light for indoor plants, take a different grow travel, you will enjoy it! If you are not yet ready to buy, please remember BLOOMBEAST LED GROW LIGHT FULL SPECTRUM.
– Model: C525 (4pcx100W COB+ 25pcx5W Leds)
– LED brand: Bridgelux & Epileds
– HPS Replacement: 600W HPS/MH
Warmly tips:
– Working UV&IR LEDs are dim or unlit.
– Extremely bright, do not stare directly into LEDs when they are working.
• 🌼HIGH YIELD WITHIN LESS TIME: BloomBeast LED grow light full spectrum for indoor plants made unique 12 band with a mixture of both 100w COB and 5w single LED which most closely mimics the natural sunlight, creating not only better plants, but reduced growing time and overall cost.
• 🌼BRAND LEDs: BloomBeast LED Grow Light for marijuana using Bridgelux, Epileds & Epistar LEDs which not easy to burn out. High quality and super bright with long lifespan.
• 🌼SUPER BRIGHT & HIGH PPDF: Each diodes works like a charm, output is amazing. Your plants will enjoy maximum par value at the lowest possible power consumption with BloomBeast LED Grow Light.
• 🌼PERFECT THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Large aluminum heat sinks and UL fans cooler running make BloomBeast LED Grow Light give off very little heat as well as the light works in quiet.
• 🌼TOP WARRANTY: BloomBeast LED grow light full spectrum Quality customer service that responds within 24 hours. 90 DAYs money back guarantee, 6 MONTHs free replacement and 5 YEARs warranty.

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