Lava Heat Italia Ember Patio Heater

Lava Heat Italia LHI-EMBER-51BTU-BC-LP Ember Patio Heater, 51000 BTU, Copper


Lava Heat Italia LHI-EMBER-51BTU-BC-LP Ember Patio Heater, 51000 BTU, Copper

Lava Heat Italia provides attractive and radiant outdoor heaters that help warm and illuminate an inviting ambiance so you can enjoy the outdoors all year around.
The Industry Leading Lava Heat Ember has an Impressive Output of 51,000 BTUs
Big things DO come in small packages? Your absolutely right if you are talking about the Lava Heat Ember! This compact version of the Opus generates an impressive 51,000 BTUs, with a classic look that belies its high-tech interior. Besides Lavas signature Borosilicate glass tube resistant to shattering from heat or water. The Ember comes fully assembled, with a manual ignition, solid steel construction, and Lava Heats Safe-Tilt Switch.
The Ember delivers up to 10 hours of heat from a 20 lb. propane tank (not included) or continuously with a natural gas hookup. Its unique spiral flame adds elegance to the warmth and ambiance generated by the natural flame. And the Ember collapses from 6 to 4 for easy storage! Available in Copper and Gunmetal. Get the most out of your Ember by adding the optional wheel kit and optional protective cover to your order. Lava Heat Italia supplies new age outdoor heaters that are as stylish as they are efficient. Designed in Europe, our Heaters are one of the mainstays at fashionable outdoor patios, restaurant – cafes and trendy social spots all across the continent. We even cater to home residences as well. For the first time ever, Lava Heat Italia is proud to introduce our beautiful products to the long awaited United States. Lava Heaters are much more than just outdoor heating devices. They quickly become the centerpiece for people gathering together, be it for lively conversation, quiet reflection, companionship or camaraderie. Lava Heaters will transcend your outdoor experiences forever.
Finishes Available: Gun Metal and Copper
If you think a Lava Heater looks cool and eye-catching, then you”ll be amazed to learn about its capabilities and functionality.

• Portable and stationary outdoor heaters
• Can be used all year round – for warmth in the cooler months or as an ambient gas flare for the warmer months
• Radiates up to 25 Square Feet 360 degrees of satisfying warm heat
• 25 Lb. weight on the base of heater
• Heaters are energy efficient yet provide powerful output
• Easy-Start Electronic Igniter
• Adjustable flame and heat level control
• Exceptionally durable & weather resistant all year round
• Constructed of all metal parts and components, including aluminum, powder coated metal & stainless steel
• Built in Wheel Kit – makes moving the Heater convenient and simple
• Comes fully assembled
• 5 year limited warranty
• Heater height from top to bottom: 72 Inches or 6 Feet Tall
• Width at the base of Heater: 22 Inches X 22 Inches
• Heater Weight: 77 Lbs.

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Lava Heat Italia LHI-EMBER-51BTU-BC-LP Ember Patio Heater, 51000 BTU, Copper


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