Large Outdoor Christmas Nativity Set by MyNativity

Large Outdoor Christmas Nativity Set by MyNativity (3 sizes available)

The nativity is a big part of outdoor Christmas decorations, as it’s a depiction of the birth of Christ, which is the foundation behind the celebration of Christmas, and of which many Christians like to honor by placing a nativity scene outdoors during the holiday season.
Although the subject matter of the nativity scenes are all the same, including the same characters in the historical narrative of the Bible, the ways they are designed and displayed can be completely different, offering those putting them out a number of options to choose from.
Most of us, when think of outdoor yard nativity scenes, think of the plastic, hollow figures which have lights placed within them in order to see them from a distance, and for those passing by to enjoy. These work well because of that, and there are nice colors included in the designs to make them appealing to the eye, while appreciating what they represent.
One of the other major nativity outdoor decoration options are those which have lighted outlines, and are fabulous at night, although not much to look at during the day. But outdoor yard decorations are usually done with the purpose of lighting them up at night, so that’s not a problem for the majority of people. The strings of lights above and below the scene are a nice touch.
For those that have the room in their yard or on their land, this is a fantastic way to portray the historical event when Jesus came into the world via the virgin birth. The way it is set up is nicely portrays the characters involved at the time by revealing how everyone and everything was centered on a little baby that came into the world.

• Beautifully designed nativity silhouette made of the highest quality, UV protected, marine grade PVC available. (PVC materials are NOT all the same)
• Perfect display for your yard or church this Christmas season. The Large nativity stands 60″ tall (to top of star) x 66.75″ wide x 16″ deep and is cut from 10mm & 16mm material.
• Can be assebled in minutes or less. No fasteners or screws required. Joints slide together and are secured in place at 4 tie-down points with stakes hammered into your soil.
• Your nativity set will be shipped in a custom designed, 52″x36″x3″ box that can be used for storage between the Christmas seasons.
• This is my first year on Amazon, but I’ve been doing this since 2008. I take great pride in the artistry/quality of my nativity and the great relationships I’ve developed with my customers. I love doing this and I hope that shows.

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Large Outdoor Christmas Nativity Set by MyNativity (3 sizes available)


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