Joos Solar Orange Portable Solar Charger

Solar power, no compromises

JOOS Orange gives you power anywhere without the compromises of other portable solar chargers. It’s tough: Super durable and waterproof, it reliably delivers power where and when you need it. The JOOS Orange works in real-world light conditions (low light, in the shade and even light rain) It works fast: Charges at least 3.5x faster than any other portable solar charger at the same price. The JOOS Orange is the best-performing solar charger under the sun.

  • Anywhere under the sun!
  • Camping
  • On a Plane
  • At the Airport
  • Up a Mountain
  • Sailing a Boat
  • On the Beach
  • Even in light rain!

It’s tough: Super durable and waterproof, and reliably delivers power where and when you need it. The JOOS Orange works in real-world light conditions – overcast, in the shade, and even light rain.

Just put the JOOS Orange in the sun and you are ready to go – it’s really that easy! Your JOOS Orange has multi- positional legs that pull out from the back of the unit. Adjust the legs into a position that angles the solar cell to best face the sun.
You can capture solar energy to charge your devices immediately, or store the energy in the on-board battery for later use. Because it captures power so efficiently, the JOOS Orange will charge your devices even if its internal battery is empty.
You can also charge your JOOS Orange from your computer – or any USB power source.

    • Photovoltaics
    • Highest efficiency commercially available, monocrystalline solar cell with silicon nitride, anti-reflective coating (125x125mm, 2.6W max)
    • Solar cells connected in parallel – provides power when shaded.
    • Battery
    • Replaceable lithium-ion polymer battery, 20Wh/5400mAh
    • Charge Time: 12 hours Direct Sun/8 hours USB.
    • Encapsulation
    • Urethane encapsulation of solar cells for durability, long-life, high transmissivity (no yellowing), and waterproofing.
    • Electronics
    • 8 bit microprocessor (microchip) with proprietary algorithm to control MPPT, battery charge circuitry, LED’s and PV power/battery charge monitoring GUI.
    • Battery charge and PV power indicator LED’s.
    • Low light power circuitry.
    • Dead battery circuitry.
    • Urethane potted electronics for waterproofing.
    • Proprietary connector in battery compartment for diagnostics.
    • Durable, polycarbonate injection-molded case.
    • Metal heat sink.
    • Security cable hole.
    • Adjustable legs to optimize orientation to sun.
    • Performance-enhancing heat reduction ventilation.
    • Waterproof/submersible design – rated NEMA 6P.
    • Other
    • FCC A+B, CE, RoHS certified.
    • Weighs 1.5lb.
    • Compatible with optional reflectors to improve power production by up to 50%.
    • Replaceable battery.
    • Charges by USB from computer or other USB power source.

Customer review: All in all, the Joos Orange chose all the right compromises and combination of features. More battery capacity and more effective in low light conditions than other portable solar chargers, more “charge on the go” utilitarian and long term toughness than transportable textile based solar chargers, and a truly maintenance free and worry free portable solar panel.When broken down into scenarios, I’d say that it may only be reasonably useful on business trips as the feature gains reducing weight to battery capacity ratio aren’t as highly valued, but, it’s extremely useful on camping trips and boating trips where those those feature gains are not only valuable but critical.One more thing, in this era where smart phones have become not only a critical voice communication tool, but also the be all and end all triage device for all things communication, internet, and GPS, the worry-free toughness, solar efficiency, reasonable battery capacity, and portability of the Joos Orange is not a nice-to-have in an emergency 3 day kit, but an absolutely must have.

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