Hyperikon LED 70W Wall Pack Fixture, 350-400W HPS/HID Replacement, 5000K (Crystal White Glow), 6033 Lumens, Waterproof and Outdoor Rated, UL & DLC

Modern society requires outdoor lighting for a variety of needs, including safety and commerce. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) recognizes this but advocates that any required lighting be used wisely. To minimize the harmful effects of light pollution, lighting should.
Only light the area that needs it
Minimize blue light emissions
Be fully shielded (pointing downward)
Hyperikon’s® Wall Pack Series is in full compliance with IDAs Dark Sky requirements. The Dark Sky Night saver accessory shield provides directional and cutoff illumination for relevant purposes. The Hyperikon® fully shielded Wall Pack fixtures minimize skyglow, glare and light trespass. The Dark Sky shield comes with all Hyperikon® wall packs completely free of charge as a complimentary accessory provided by Hyperikon® to promote the reduction of lighting pollution.
Hyperikon LED Wall Pack series is vibration resistant, mercury-free and will not flicker. This wall pack is ideal for commercial, industrial as well as residential applications. Use it in parking garages, schools, outdoor walkways, commercial outdoor spaces, outdoor security lighting and many more! With an operating temperature of -22° to 144° no climate is too harsh.
The DesignLights Consortium® promotes quality, performance and energy efficient commercial sector lighting solutions through collaboration among its federal, regional, state, utility, and energy efficiency program members, luminaire manufacturers, lighting designers, and other industry stakeholders throughout the US and Canada. DLC Certified products are eligible for local and federal rebates and incentives.
Hyperikon’s® LED Wall Pack Series is fully qualified by DLC and is eligible for rebates and incentives by participating utility members.
As a member of the the DLC QPL, the Hyperikon® brand warrants high-quality, high-performance, tested and verified LED products – that will also be eligible for rebate participating programs.
Rapidly evolving thinking about energy efficiency and public safety – along with exciting technological advances – is driving the evolution of the lighting industry, providing greater opportunities and growing challenges. Hyperikon® leverages UL’s safety science expertise, worldwide presence, and active involvement in the lighting industry to gain accelerated access to the global marketplace and to meet regulatory requirements. The Hyperikon® LED Wall Pack Series is UL Listed along with several LED fixtures and retrofits.

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