Hi-Lift Jack HA-500 Handle-All Multi-Purpose Tool

Hi-Lift Jack HA-500 Handle-All Multi-Purpose Tool

HOW IT WORKS This four-in-one off-road recovery tool (including shovel, axe, pickaxe and sledgehammer) has a two-piece telescoping handle that’s held together with strong, yet easy to operate, quick release Tab-Lok pins. You can shorten the handle for working in tight spaces by simply removing one of the tubes. The tool heads have been CNC’s to fit snuggle into the tubes. They are also held in place with TAB-LOK pins.

WHY IT MATTERS It’s essential to have recovery equipment that’s well built and easy to carry. This device features cast steel construction and has been milled with strict tolerances it terms of fit; i.e., it’s strong and the different implements fit together perfectly.
A Handle-All is a multi-functional tool with telescoping handle and 4 full-sized implements. Compact and rugged, while maintaining full-size utility. Perfect for camping, off-roading, recreation, farming, ranching, and forestry. Stores compactly alongside other accessories.
When driving off-road, it is essential to have recovery equipment. Most reliable sources strongly suggest a Hi-Lift jack, a shovel, and an axe as minimal gear. In fact, many off-road parks consider these items mandatory equipment.A compact set of tools ideal for off-road vehicles where storage space for supplies, equipment, and tools is limited.

Hi-Lift Product Testimonials:
“A great bag to have along in the backcountry. Most all essential trail items in one bag. Well-constructed and thought out, does not take up much room – easily ported from one vehicle to another, and the tough bag has ample room for extra handle pins, a pair of gloves a short chain or recovery strap and other related small tool accessories.” Buck in Montana
“I don’t have a lot of extra cargo space in a Jeep to carry a load of full sized tools like these. Honestly, the quality of this kit exceeded my expectations. The extendable handle is solid and the attachments fit firmly. I couldn’t imagine having my Jeep without this kit in the back when off-roading.” Jeremy in Canada
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Hi-Lift Jack HA-500 Handle-All Multi-Purpose Tool


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