HeatTrak Carpeted Snow-Melting Door

HeatTrak HCM24-3 Carpeted Snow-Melting Door Mat, 24 Inch by 36 Inch, 120 Volt

HeatTrak HCM24-3 Carpeted Snow-Melting Door Mat, 24 Inch by 36 Inch, 120 Volt

Prevent snow and ice accumulation right at your door with this heating entrance mat from HeatTrak. This 24 x 36-inch version has a ribbed carpet surface in charcoal gray, providing your home or business with the look of a stylish high-end welcome mat. It can be left outside for the entire winter season, and it plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet to generate heat to melt snow at a rate of 2-inch per hour. The door mat comes with its own 120-volt power unit. The HeatTrak doormat with included power unit. Prevent snow and ice accumulation where slips and falls happen most: outside the front door. Available Accessories 25-foot Extender Wireless Switch Thermal Extension Cable Easily Portable, No Expensive Installations With HeatTrak there is no need for expensive installations. The HeatTrak door mat is portable and designed to lie on top of existing surfaces. Just place it right outside your door for a welcome that’s free of snow and ice. Durable and Safe The engineers at HeatTrak have taken great care to develop a durable, safe, and effective snow and ice melting system, which can be left outside for the entire winter season. HeatTrak mats are made of an electrically operated heating element that’s sandwiched between two protective, waterproof surfaces, allowing them to endure harsh wear. They plug directly into any standard 120-volt outlet using their own ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Using Your HeatTrak Snow-Melting Door Mat The included power unit has a 6-foot cable, but if your electrical outlet is beyond that reach, HeatTrak recommends using its 25-foot cable extender (model HR-EXT25) with a watertight seal–providing more protection against water and moisture than other outdoor-rated extension cords. Because it’s designed to be left outside all winter long, you can put your HeatTrak door mat out before the winter starts and turn it on when you expect snow. For best results, turn on your HeatTrak mat at least 30 minutes before snowfall so that it melts snow on contact (turning on the mat after snowfall will take longer to melt). Then, keep the mat on a few hours after snow has stopped as you may have water runoff. The door mat works effectively down to -5 degrees F and melt snow at approximately 2 inches per hour. HeatTrak mats can be used on most surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, stone, and wood decks. However, decks made of plastic/composite material can act as an insulator, and use of HeatTrak mats can leave burn marking or staining. To avoid this, it’s best to operate the mat during snow fall hours and not leave them on for extended periods of time, or place strips of plywood under the mats to allow the heat to be properly distributed. To operate the door mat, you will need to go outside to turn it on via the power unit. To automatically control the mat from inside your home, you can purchase the optional wireless control outlet and switch (model HR-Wireless). Alternatively, you can purchase HeatTrak’s optional 10-inch thermostat extension cable (model HR-Therm3550), which plugs into the power unit from an electrical outlet and will automatically turn on your mats when the temperature drops below 35 degrees F.

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HeatTrak HCM24-3 Carpeted Snow-Melting Door Mat, 24 Inch by 36 Inch, 120 Volt


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