Gardena 960 Outdoor Portable Garden Shower Trio On Stand

The GARDENA Garden Shower Trio stands on a tripod so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect place to set it up. This shower offers two spray patterns: a gentle, wide soft spray or a finely adjustable mist spray. This shower offers convenient and infinite height simply by pressing a button on the shower rod. A large shower head ensures a pleasurable shower and you can control the water pressure with a regulator and shut-off valve. With 50 years of bringing innovative gardening tools to market, GARDENA has become a household name throughout Germany. Based in Ulm, Germany, GARDENA approaches the garden as an extension of their customers’ living spaces. GARDENA designs tools and accessories that are practical, visually appealing, and easy to use, making it a breeze to enhance those outdoor living spaces. Today, GARDENA operates as a subsidiary in the Husqvarna Group, the world’s largest producer of outdoor products. Dimensions: 6L x 9W x 44H in.. Outdoor shower on tripod with 2 spray patterns. Choose a gentle, wide soft spray or a finely adjustable mist. Fully adjustable height and large shower head. Simple push button for easy nozzle setting. Regulator and shut-off valve for releasing desired water flow. Tripod base makes it easy to set up anywhere.
From the Manufacturer
Gardena’s aim is to provide a simple and convenient solution to all of your watering, soil and lawn care problems. We manufacture reliable, quality gardening equipment to make light work of your gardening tasks, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your garden. Our commitment to bring you reliable gardening equipment doesn’t stop when you buy your Gardena product from your local garden center. We offer a minimum 12 month parts and labor warranty on all our products so in the unlikely event that your Gardena product develops a fault, we will repair or replace the item free of charge. If your product is older than 12 months we have a national repair service which will give you a free estimate for parts and labor to repair your product.
• Shower outdoors as conveniently as in your bathroom.
• Tripod stand is easy to set up anywhere in the garden.
• Height adjustable and detachable showerhead
• Choose either the soft, wide-angle water spray or the fine, adjustable mist spray.
• With flow control valve and shut-off valve for adjusting the water flow.

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