DuroMax Shaft Recoil Electric Start Engine

DuroMax 16 Hp., 1 in. Shaft Recoil Electric Start Engine – XP16HPE

DuroMax 16 Hp., 1 in. Shaft Recoil Electric Start Engine – XP16HPE


Top of the line powerhouse engine available from DuroMax. It features a 420cc – 4 Stroke Overhead Valve design Engine that comes standard with Keyed Electric Start. It can cranks out 16HP capable of 21-Ft/Lbs of Torque.
The Shaft is 1” in diameter and 2.75” long, while the end is 3/8” size UNF size 24 Drill and Tapped. Feeding this monster engine is a 1.75 gallon Fuel Tank which at half load can run over 3 hours on a single tank of fuel.
The operating Fuel is standard 87 Octane or better Gasoline. It is also EPA and CARB approved for safe use in mandated areas. This Engine can handle everything you can throw at it, whether
being used for log splitters, water transfer pumps, or custom go-karts, the DuroMax line of engines will deliver power when you need it. Features4 Stroke OHV engine. Electric Keyed Start.
Large 1.75 Gallon Fuel Tank. Runs on Standard 87 Octane Gasoline Full EPA and CARB Approval.
Alternate Start System: E-Z Pull Recoil Starter.

Air Cleaner: Dual, Semi-dry, Oil Bath.SpecificationsFuel Tank Capacity: 1.75 Gallons. Average Run Time: 1/2 Gallon Per Hour (at 1/2 load) 4 Stroke Design Runs on Gasoline – No Mixing Required
Engine May have slight alternate cosmetic styling EPA & CARB Approved for Safe Mandated Use.
Dry Weight: 77 lbs
Water/Trash Transfer Pump

The Possibilities Are Endless With DuroMax!Technical SpecificationsDisplacement: 420cc Bore: 90, Stroke: 66.
Max Output: 16.0 HP / 3600 RPM.
Max Torque: 28.5 Nm / 21.0 ft/lb.

Ignition Type: Transistorized Magneto Splashing Lubricating Type System Shaft Size: 1″ Diameter, 2-3/4″ Long, 1/4″ Keyway, Shaft End is Drilled and Tapped with a 3/8″ 24 UNF.
Dimensions Of Unit: 20.47″ Long x 18.5″ Wide 22″ High Recommended
Fuel Type: Gasoline – 87 Octane Rating Or BetterShaft


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DuroMax 16 Hp., 1 in. Shaft Recoil Electric Start Engine – XP16HPE


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