d.light D20 Solar Home System Kit

d.light D20 Solar Home System Kit

The d.light D20 solar home system (SHS) includes 2 hanging lamps and a portable lantern—enough to illuminate three rooms at once. The D20 features different brightness settings for the lighting suite, and provides up to 15 hours of bright light on a single charge. The system also comes with a portable lantern that charges right off the system, so D20 owners can take bright light wherever it is needed.
The d.light D20′s durable, state-of-the-art solar panel includes an outdoor cable (6 meters long) and anchor points for security and flexibility. The SHS includes a compact battery and control unit packed with power and a battery indicator that shows the system’s charge level, so customers never have to worry about being left in the dark. In addition to sun power, the D20 can also be charged with an AC charger.
In addition to the D20’s ability to power the SHS fixed lamps and portable lantern, the D20 has a USB output that can charge mobile phones, smartphones and other low-power USB devices all at once. Each light comes with a separate wall switch that has a low and a high setting. While providing an electrical grid-like experience, customers can actually choose the level of light they want, and the hours of power they need.
The d.light D20 is a modular, upgradeable solar system for homes and small businesses around the globe. The D20 saves consumers money every day – and enables customers to upgrade to a maximum of 4 fixed lamps. With the D20 SHS, customers have the freedom and flexibility that comes from reliable, affordable and renewable off-grid light and power.

• Free replacement warranty (2 years)
• Easy self-installation
• Maintenance-free
• Upgradable up to 4 lights/portable lanterns
• Designed to provide light and power for 5 years or more
• Wall switch to control brightness and power for each light
• Charge a full range of mobile phones, smartphones, and low-power USB devices
• Up to 15 hours of bright light with a single charge
• Convenient wall switches for a “grid-like” experience
• Battery charge indicator
• No battery replacements needed
• Cable (6 meters long) for solar panel
• Dual solar/AC charging
• Full charge from solar/AC in 8 hours

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d.light D20 Solar Home System Kit


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