Copper Funnel Rain Chain

                                               Copper Funnel Rain Chain, 8.5 Foot

Copper Funnel Rain Chain, 8.5 Foot


Copper Funnel Rain Chain 8.5 ft

Monarch’s 8.5 feet pure copper funnel rain chain in natural copper is contemporary in styling and shape

A perfect assembly of 19 cups and links to efficiently transport water from the gutter to the ground or into a receptacle
Natural untreated copper cups react with oxygen to develop a beautiful patina over time
Funnel rain chain is our top seller
Comes with a triangular gutter clip making installation easy and quick
Size & Specifications:

Length: 8.5 feet (inclusive of 5″ triangular gutter Clip)
Cup Size: 3.25″(L) x 3.25″(W) x 3.25″(H)
Cup bottom Opening: 1″
Cup Per Chain: 19 Cups
Material: Pure Copper
Finish: Natural Copper
UPC: 633402266004

What’s Included:
8 feet Rain Chain
4.5″ Triangular Hanger for Gutter Attachment
Bottom Connector (Clip)

Copper Funnel Rain Chain, 8.5 Foot. Classic copper funnel rain chain found in Japanese gardens.
An alternative to traditional downspouts.

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Copper Funnel Rain Chain, 8.5 Foot


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