Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub with Six Filter Cartridges

The Coleman Lay-Z Spa inflatable hot tub is the affordable, go-anywhere spa which can comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults. This fully portable, inflatable hot tub can be easily set up either indoors or outdoors within minutes. The Coleman Lay-Z-Spa requires no tools or professional installation. Constructed from the innovative durable beam technology that does not stretch over time. With little need for maintenance and a type VI filter cartridge and chlorine chemical floater included, ease of ownership is stress free. Easy-Fast setup Inflates using the spa’s pump Cushioned floor with convenient drain valve With its soothing 104 Degree F water temperature and massage jets, the Coleman Lay-Z Spa is perfect for soaking sore muscles, unwinding after a hard day at work or even as a luxurious and romantic treat for you and your partner to enjoy together. The digital control panel allows you to turn up the heat without having to exit the tub. The Coleman Lazy-Z Spa also comes supplied with a cover to maintain optimal water temperature, a set up and maintenance guide DVD, six filter cartridges (three twin packs) and a chemical floater.
Lay-Z-Massage System – The highlight of the Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub is the Lay-Z-Massage System, a hydromassage system powered by 120 bubble jets.
Rapid Heating System – This sets up the hot tub water temperature quickly, approximately 2-3 degrees per hour, or about 24 hours to raise the water temperature up to the maximum 104 degrees. Some users report filling it with hot water and getting it to temperature in only six hours; however, you will be spending more money on hot water if you do this.
Digital Control Panel – Sitting on top of the large green egg-shaped device, this controls all the features of the hot tub, activates the bubbles, controls the temperature, and locks the control panel as a child-safety feature.
· Auto lock – There is a five-minute auto lock on the control panel. To release the controls, hold this button down for three seconds.
· On the left and right sides, there are buttons marked with an up arrow and a down arrow. Press either one to increase or decrease the water temperature.
· The button marked with a sun ray activates the heating system. The pump will heat the spa water until the water temperature reaches 1 degree higher than the set temperature. After the current water temperature drops 2 degrees below the set temperature, the heating system will restart. When the light above the heat button is red, the system is activated. When the light is green, the water is at the set temperature and the heating system is at rest.
· The button with the three bubble sprays activates the bubble massage system.
· The button on the bottom left marked F/C, toggles between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings.
· To the right of the temperature toggle button is the water filter button that turns the water filter pump on and off. When activated, the light above the water filter button will turn red.
Integrated Water Filtration – The filtration system keeps your water clean and comes with a twin pack of two extra filters. When the heating system is activated, the filtration sytem will automatically restart. When the heating system is turned off, the filtration sytsem will continue to operate.
Mosaic print pool liner with cushioned floor and convenient drain valve
DVD detailing spa setup and maintenance.
Insulated Cover – When you aren’t using the tub, the cover that is insulated with an aluminum foil coating maintains heat and keeps out debris. A round leather-type piece fits inside the cover and inflates to provide greater insulation.
Chemical Floater – This small plastic device floats in the water and easily dispenses the necessary chemicals.
The soft-sided/inflatable hot tub is constructed from a three-layer reinforced fabric-covered material called TriTech, which is a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of laminated PVC.
The walls of the spa feature durability through a puncture-resistant I-beam construction. You can actually sit on the sides of the tub without it bending or crushing.
Set-up is fairly painless, especially if you take the time to watch the enclosed instructional DVD which goes through the complete installation step by step, following the easy A-to-A and B-to-B style instructions. Set-up time is about 45 minutes or so.
You’ll want to set the tub up in the area where you will be draining it, as it will be heavy to move when it’s filled.
The Coleman Lay-Z Spa can be set up outdoors or indoors, as long as the selected space can support the tub’s weight. Be sure to place the included ground cloth under the spa before you inflate it. Then plug the pump into a regular 110 or 120 volt household current and let it inflate.
A pressure gauge is included to insure that the hot tub is inflated to the proper pressure. Just attach it to the hose and press the Lay-Z massage button on the control panel. When the pressure gauge reaches 1.2 PSI, the inflating is done and you can seal the valve. Then inflate the cover and connect the pump. You’re now ready to fill the tub and heat the water.
The hot tub is filled with a standard garden hose and takes approximately an hour and 15 minutes to fill. There are two lines marked MIN and MAX, and your water level should fall between those two lines.
To heat the water, place the cover on the spa and secure it with the clips around the sides. Then press the button on the control panel that is marked with a sun and it will start heating. You will also notice that the filter light button is red. This is normal because it’s supposed to filter as the water heats up.
You can also change the temperature display between Fahrenheit and Celsius with the F/C button.
If you push the sun button and it doesn’t light up, your system is “hibernating.” To get out of the hibernation mode, hold your finger on the Power button for three seconds. It will beep to let you know that it is ready.
Draining is easy, too. Just hook up to a garden hose and release the valve inside the tub. You need to have a spot where you can drain the water, either run off or a drain itself.
The Coleman company suggests that you drain and refill the water weekly, as well as changing the water filter weekly. You may find that this isn’t necessary, but be sure to monitor the condition of your water carefully.
Water Testing/Chemicals Needed
Keeping your water appropriately tested and using the correct chemicals is vitally important. You risk getting sick or experiencing chemical burns otherwise. Remember, this isn’t a bathtub where you drain the water right after using it.
The water filter should be changed or at least rinsed on a daily basis, and testing should be done weekly.
A chemical floater is included with the hot tub, but chemicals are not. You will need to purchase your own chemicals, either chlorine or bromine, as well as a water testing product of some kind. To make it easy to get started, you can take a sample of your water to a pool chemical retailer and they will test your water for you, usually for free. They will probably expect you to buy their chemicals, though, and you can usually purchase them cheaper online.
Some users prefer bromine because it has less odor and can be restored using a shock. Bromine is also preferable for those people who have a chlorine allergy.
Tip: To help your water stay cleaner, don’t use lotions or similar products on your skin before getting into the tub. You may even want to consider showering before entering the hot tub.


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