Click & Grow Smartpot Strawberry Indoor Grow Kit with LED Grow Light

Click & Grow Smartpot Strawberry Indoor Grow Kit with LED Grow Light

Inspired by NASA, we’ve created a solution that gives plant roots an optimal amount of water, oxygen and nutrients at all times.It’s a bit like giving plants a personal trainer, a chef, Harvard schooling, loving parents and a dog. Flowers and herbs will love growing up in our Smart Pot!
How does the Click & Grow work?
Plants thrive in our smart soil.Click & Grow believes in connecting nature with technology. Our sensors and software measure the conditions and make sure your plant is feeling well. Our plants reach the stage of maturity a lot faster than their traditionally grown siblings. How is that possible? The nano growth medium (our smart soil) does the magic – it has special oxygen pockets, it contains just the right amount of nutrients your plant needs and it is created to make your plant grow a lot faster and healthier.Despite the high tech involved, remember it’s a live plant. Please don’t place your plant away from light and don’t cut off all the leaves at once.It’s easy to get started with the Smart Pot. Just add 4 AA batteries and fill the water tank once a month or so. Batteries will last for 8-12 months.

• Grow fresh flowers and herbs at home – no green thumb required
• Contains everything you need to enjoy fresh herbs and flowers all year round (4 AA batteries not included)
• Foolproof and maintenance free: just plug it in, fill the water reservoir, and let the device do all the work
• With this Smartpot Strawberry Starter Kit with LED Grow Light, you can expect sprouts to appear in 1-3 weeks, full size plant in 4-8 months, and enjoy it for next 6-14 months
• Full 12-month warranty: Should any defects appear, Click & Grow will exchange the garden within 12 months of purchase

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