ClassicFlame 36II100GRG Elysium 36″ Wall Mounted Infrared Quartz Fireplace, Black Glass Frame

ClassicFlame 36II100GRG Elysium 36 inch Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Fireplace
Creating a more modern look, a wall mounted fireplace is ideal for contemporary homes or for anyone short on floor space. The ClassicFlame 36II100GRG Elysium 36 inch wall mounted electric infrared quartz fireplace provides the warmth and ambiance of a real fireplace without the mess of ash and soot. This fireplace can be wall-mounted or freestanding, depending on your needs.
You can customize the look with the included 3 different media types – translucent fire glass, ivory river rocks or rustic driftwood. Additionally, decorative LED sidelights glow with five color options: Amber, Blue, Amber & Blue, Color Cycling and Off, to create a truly unique viewing experience and further enhance the visual appeal of your wall mounted fireplace. The remote control provides added convenience and makes the unit easy to control. Whether you are going for a bold contemporary style or simply saving space in a small room, a wall mount electric fireplace is the perfect solution. Heating your entire home all day may not be the best economic choice for your utility bills, particularly with the rooms which are used only during certain parts of the day, like bedrooms, dens and basements. Zone heating is an effective way to provide comfort to your home, without having to warm every room. You can shut off the heated air blown to different sections (or ‘zones’) of your home which aren’t occupied and use a portable heater to provide supplemental zone heating for the part of your home which is occupied. The ClassicFlame 36II100GRG Elysium 36 inch wall mounted electric infrared quartz fireplace provides you with greater control over heat distribution in the home. You can harness the energy and money savings of zone heating by warming only the room you’re in and lowering energy bills by turning down your thermostat. Energy efficiency – You don’t have to waste extra energy to heat rooms that aren’t occupied. Control – Placing a heater in the different rooms of your home allows you to decide suitable temperatures for each particular room, since every room may not require the same amount of heat. Individualized control and comfort – Since different members of your household have different individual needs for warmth, the ClassicFlame 36II100GRG Elysium 36 inch wall mounted electric infrared quartz fireplace allows them to set the temperature to what they want without having to disturb other household members. Looking at its advantages, zone heating can save energy and give you more control to customize the temperature of the different zones of your home, plus reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC unit. As the outdoor air temperature changes, you can enjoy the relaxing quality of the dancing flames and glowing ember bed of a fire year-round without getting too warm. Additionally, this stove is a great addition to your décor and can create an atmosphere which adds charm and romance. The ClassicFlame 36II100GRG Elysium 36 inch wall mounted electric infrared quartz fireplace will provide visual delight and the warmth of a fire, plus the convenience to allow you to control the temperature, including turning the heat completely off. Having the convenience to turn off the heat gives you the ability to continue enjoying the relaxing effect of a flickering fire during the warmer spring and summer seasons. Using state-of-the-art technology, ClassicFlame created Spectrafire flame effect technology which adds blue and red highlights into the flame effect, resulting in a realistic flame with pulsating embers and glowing logs for additional realism. Your fireplace comes with a multi-function remote which offers you the ability to customize your electric fireplace with 3 Spectrafire blue flame brightness settings or a traditional, non-blue flame effect.
With the flame-only setting, you can enjoy the ambiance of the dancing flames without heat.

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