BlueSpray Web based Wireless (Wifi) Irrigation Controller

BlueSpray Web based Wireless (Wifi) Irrigation Controller 8 Zones 


BlueSpray is a feature rich web-enabled Irrigation Controller. Unlike today’s conventional Irrigation Controller which are programmed with confusing dials and buttons, BlueSpray is controlled/accessed from a computer, tablet, or smart phone with intuitive, user-friendly UI. It has built-in wifi, easy to use, flexible scheduling, and can adjust to season and weather conditions.

Why water your lawn with the same amount of water in March as in July? Unlike any other Controller, BlueSpray controller offers unlimited programs and start times. You can create as many program and start times as you want. Combined with seasonal settings, you can create custom watering schedule for each season to water more efficiently for all time of the year. With BlueSpray, you can tell the controller to water more in the Summer, less in the Spring and Fall, and perhaps not at all during the Winter. And you only have to set it once. BlueSpray is also smart enought to not water when rain is in the forecast, or when it’s too cold, or too windy. When used with a rain or soil sensor, you can save as much water as you do with any “Smart” controller without any extra fee.

Control and access from anywhere – no app to install. BlueSpray’s extremely flexible programming and innovative User Interface make it the most advanced Irrigation Controller on the market today.

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