AR North America Telescoping Lance

AR North America Telescoping Lance


Telescoping Wand Feature removable angled spray head. Compatible with Quick-Connect-style nozzles. Ideal as an accessory for pressure washers, for cleaning home siding, industrial buildings, and trailers.
Twist extender collar to extend and retract the wand.Feature internal high-pressure hoses Pole tips fit standard quick-connect nozzles.


• Comes as 6 foot extension and capable of telescoping to 18 feet.
• Perfect for cleaning out your gutters without a ladder, or second story
house siding from the ground.
• It is professional grade and can handle up to 4000 PSI at 7 GPM.
• 1/4″ Outlet (QC), 3/8″ Inlet (pipe thread)
• 1/4-inch Hose, 300 degree max temp

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AR North America Telescoping Lance


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