Amagabeli Hydroponic 4×4 Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing 48″x48″x80″ with Removable Floor Tray Reflective Mylar Adjustable Rope Hangers Observation Window Tool Bag Room Box Vegetable Seedling Kit

Amagabeli grow tent is to create the proper growing system for your indoor plants, allowing for proper light, humidity and heat in every period, from germination, sprouting, flowering to harvest.
Light Proof
600D tear proof and double stitched, extra-thick canvas, for light blocking.
Double stitched hemmed binding metal zipper to ensure seal for to prevent light from escaping.
Light Cycles prevents light from escaping outside; Dark Cycles prevents light from entering inside.
LED & HID Light Reflective
95% interior reflective Mylar Linings keeps your light where you want it at all times, every step of the way through your grow run.
Vent Holes
All vent holes are double sleeved with pull-strings that can be tighten and loosen easily.
7 circular vent holes in total. One 8” hole at the very top, two 4” holes opposite the zipper side, two 8”hole on the left and two 8”hole on the right.
Easy to Set Up and Disassemble
Metal poles with tool-free connectors, the light green metal poles locks in place with no hardware needed; self-lock with spring tension and easy to unlock when not used just by pressing down the trigger to disassemble.
Grow and Learn
Teach your baby the benefits of Cultivating Growth and touch the nature in door at any time and anywhere.
What you plant now, you will harvest later; always do your best. Your baby will learn what it means during the process of growing plants from a seed.
Extra canvas floor tray holds water for 3 days with no leaks. Easy to move around.
2 cross bar hangers to hold your equipment, such as reflector, inline fan and carbon filter, etc.
Cords and hoses go through the vent holes.
2 rectangular mesh air vents with Velcro Covers
• Indoor Plants Growing: 48″x48″x80″ grow tent for indoor plant growing in a small apartment or house. Great enclosure allows proper light, humidity and temperature for sprouting seedlings, sexing plants and flowering. Perfect for tomato plants, pepper, cilantro, vegetable lettuce, cigarettes smell plant, herbal cannabis, medical marijuana or cannabis, herbs.
• Light Proof: 98% reflective Mylar interior lining, tear-proof 600D double stitched grow tent room kit blocks all light from escaping, HID lighting, HPS grow light and MH bulbs, no light leakage by the circular openings with double drawstrings or by observation window with light-tight seal.
• Ventilation: All vent holes are circular double sleeved. Ventilation openings are to handle cables and for air circulation by exhaust fan, ducting hose, carbon filter, ballast and reflector. Better allows proper light, heat and air flow for seed germination and flowering period in indoor gardening horticulture.
• Easy to Setup: Ergonomic and Easy to assemble. No tools needed, just make sure all the rubber feet are going the same direction. The hydroponic growing room is also easy to dissemble for clean-up or relocation. Extra canvas floor tray holds water for 3 days as a test with no leaks.
• An Upgraded Version & Warranty: 2-year warranty! Return or refund can be negotiated it if your expectations are not exceeded. NOTE: Carbon filter, grow light and aluminum duct are for demonstration purpose only, not included. Accessories Included: 1 removable floor tray, 2 adjustable rope hangers and tool bag on the internal face. PLEASE BE NOTED THAT: This is an upgraded version. Compared with the former version, 2 adjustable rope hangers, tool bag and observation window are added.

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