Handmade Cypress Porch Swing 5 Foot

5 Foot Handmade Cypress Porch Swing


Cypress Porch Swings

If you like your porch swing to be beautiful, strong and durable and want an alternative to red cedar, look for cypress porch swings. Cypress is lovely light-colored wood with extremely tight rings, which make it very hardy and resistant to elements. You can leave your cypress swing in the garden through the winter with no worries. Many cypress porch swings are hand-made and are real pieces of art you will be proud to place on your porch for the world to see and for you to enjoy. Nobody will believe you that you paid a fraction of what will cost a cedar swing. Cypress is easy to stain or paint if you prefer darker color or some vivid color that works better with your house. But, if you leave it natural, all you need to keep in beautiful is a coat of water sealant like Thompson’s at the beginning of season. You can get cypress porch swings in any size, from a one-seater to ample 6 feet long swings. Many styles are also available, but cypress looks the best in simple, classical lines. Best selling  is Cypress Porch Swings for it’s comfortable rolled design.

• 5′ Handmade Cypress Swing w/ Cupholders. Built with solid steel nuts & bolts & brass plated screws.
• All slats attached with brass plated screws, no staples used.
• Sanded & rounded edges on all slats with a contoured back and seat for comfort.
• Sub assembled for easy set up. Assembles in 10-15 minutes.
• All chains, hooks and hardware necessary to hang it are included. Chains positioned to help prevent flipping.

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5 Foot Handmade Cypress Porch Swing


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